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I am off to die with Odin

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abnormal psychology, alternate universe's, archaic verbal expressions, being a gender retard, big words, bits and bobs, childrens telly, curiosity shops, darker dimensions, debating, decorated envelopes, drawing perfect circles, fine art painting, fleeting infatuations, freudian nightmares, gender studies, getting better, getting post, harry potter doing it, harry/draco, harry/snape, harvesting smells, ink stained finger tips, librarianth, long words, magpies, mental illness, music you can dig, my own sweet time, nooks and crannies, old stuff, ook?, outsider art, perfect expression of self, pick pockets, playing make believe, reading everything or anything, rebellion against proper spellings, remus/sirius, sherlock holmes, sitting in the rain, slash, sleeping perchance to dream, staring out of windows, stuff and nonsense, the accumalation of knowledge, the smell of books, thunder storms, time travel, too many books, tortoises, ucl, walking at night time, watching too many films